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Eclipse Poster (light)


This is a limited edition screen print. Designed, hand printed, numbered and signed by the artist on thick off-white card stock. There are only 175 of these in existence–get yours before they’re gone! Frame not included.



The goal was to design and screen print eclipse artwork that we would want to hang in our home or office. Something that will be a good eclipse memento but also something that can hold its own as art and age gracefully. So here it is–we really like it and hope that you do too. It is a limited edition of 100–screen printed posters on super thick 110 lb. French Paper Co. off-white card stock, numbered and signed by artist, Ryan Irvin. The date of the eclipse, April 8, 2024 is discreetly included as roman numerals and Bloomington, Indiana is proudly included as well.

Ryan is a graphic designer and artist from Indiana. He got his MFA from Indiana University and is the founder and creative director of Outside. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana with is wife, son, dog and two elderly kitties.

Please note that when purchasing screen printed artworks, there may be slight variations in color, texture, and overall appearance. As each piece is individually created by hand, there may be minor imperfections in the printing and paper that add to the uniqueness and character of the artwork.